Wheels, Wheels, Wheels...

Not all wheels are created equal! Their performance depends greatly on their make-up. Material can range from cheap, poor performing, PVC to super high rebound urethane with excellent skating characteristics. The best wheel needs to have a reinforced urethane hub bonded to a urethane wheel material. If they are not both urethane, then the wheel will separate from the hub. At Explore we spare no expense ensuring that our wheels and hubs are made from the highest quality urethanes. We also go the extra step to use a super high rebound urethane in our Triumph wheels to make sure they have the best racing characteristics available on the market. Then comes the extra special stuff no one else has. We add specific proportions of our Rocket-thane and Dura-thane. Through extensive testing we have developed the perfect ratio of Rocket-thane and Dura-thane to give the best grip, roll, and wear of any wheel on the market! If you don't believe then try Explore. Once you skate Explore you won't accept anything else!



Rocket-thane is a specially forumulated additive that gives our wheels an exclusive edge in the racing environment. When combined with Dura-thane in our Triumph race wheels the resulting combination helps the super high rebound wheel dissapate heat and maintain rebound - resulting in better performance throughout a race. Whether short or long a racer will no doubt love the experience of Triumph!


Dura-thane is a special additive which has been specifically formulated to make a longer lasting urethane.



Core Technology

We use specially designed, reinforced urethane cores in our Explore wheels giving us extra strength and the security of a urethane-to-urethane bond between the core and wheel. Our cores are designed to provide ultra-high performance at the wheel's surface contact point. This means that you will have the ultimate ride in speed and comfort. The combination of our cores and exclusive additives provides you with the best wheels on the market!